Questionable For Sale by Owner Proposition

FSBO: “For Sale By Owner” — it can be a siren’s call when you first mull over the prospects for selling your house. A Berkshire FSBO listing promises to allow a homeowner to sell without even consulting Berkshire real estate agents! Depending on a home’s final sale price, the commission saved looks to be substantial.

While there are certainly theoretical attractions to the idea of working on your own, time and again statistics prove it is not only more efficient to work with a real estate agent — it also frequently nets sellers more at the bottom line. There are logical reasons why it works out that way. They are the same reasons why only one in ten homes are successfully sold as FSBOs.

First off, while it may seem easy to arbitrarily pick a price and just see what happens, without a timely professional comparative analysis of the Berkshire market, it’s pretty unlikely to be ‘right priced’. Serious buyers will make current market comparisons to see whether a FSBO is a fair bargain being offered by a serious seller. If the answer is wrong, buyers move on.

More than a convenience, relief from the paperwork tangle can be decisive in preventing technical logjams. Busy real estate offices are always humming, using today’s electronic signature platforms, scanners, printers and faxes to rapidly churn out legally binding documents. There are other technical issues, too: experienced buyers know that a FSBO seller also has a lower likelihood of being familiar with protective disclosures or even Berkshire county ordinances that can affect a sale.

Then there is the negotiation process. More than just working out a price, your 413-442-9977 for a pressure-free consultation. Rachaelwould be be delighted to come by to go over your options.