It’s a guiding principle among Realtors that superior landscaping adds value to any housing for sale. In Massachusetts, different studies arrive at differing answers for how great that incremental increase actually is, but most agree that it lies somewhere in a range between 5% and 14%.
Needless to say, that is huge! Since there isn’t anything like a universal way to define ‘good,’ ‘bad,’ or even ‘average’ landscaping, you can’t pin down its precise value. Nevertheless, what is certain is that in offering any housing for sale, the result will be greatly influenced by the first impression the property makes – its ‘curb appeal’. Landscaping is a great part of that.
The landscaping term covers a wide swath of meanings including just about every part of a Berkshire property that isn’t physically part of the house itself. Improving it can be simple and inexpensive – or not!
·    A well-maintained lawn is commonly the first ‘must’ for improving the value of any housing for sale. A messy yard will put off most potential buyers immediately: that can make an otherwise sparkling property seem old and run-down. When you think of landscaping as a frame or prelude to what a home’s interior has to offer…but your buyer has to get past it first!
·    Adding and improving ornamental detail is one of the least expensive and most impactful ways to upgrade housing for sale. Professional landscapers know how splashes of color placed in appealing places can please the eye and distract from features that would otherwise detract from an overall impression. Long story short: be willing to freshen up over-the-hill plantings and planters before they become visual liabilities.
·    Taking the long view, the time/budget tradeoffs are fundamental realities when it comes to more major plant landscaping. A tree planted now can mean a great improvement to any housing for sale five or ten years from now. Just ask a nurseryman what is involved in transplanting a mature tree!
Attractive landscaping adds a welcoming factor to any Berkshire housing for sale. Moreover, there is another real benefit we don’t often think about: the increased pride of ownership that enriches the home owning experience beyond its dollars-and-cents value.
This fall, with inventories trending lower, some homeowners may suspect that now could be the right time to list their local home. If you are one of them, do give us a call at 413-442-9977 to talk strategy and the best way to take seasonal advantage of your own property.