In the Wake of Pittsfield Home Foreclosures

In the Wake of Pittsfield Home Foreclosures Post-Foreclosure Qualifying – Basics Apply [idx_custom_links title=”Berkshire County Foreclosures” links=”ub89c3natrn” destination=”remote”]Back in the day when home foreclosures in Pittsfield were truly rare, people who had just gone through one had little knowledge of what the ultimate repercussions would be. Although home foreclosures are still to be avoided if […]

Berkshire REO Homes Have Their Own Language

Berkshire County Auction Services Berkshire REO (Real Estate Owned by a lender) houses have been a substantial part of the real estate conversation for some time. Whether or not we ever need to delve into an REO transaction ourselves, well-informed local homeowners are familiar with some of the basic terms that come up when REOs […]

A Berkshire Short Sales Can Head Off Foreclosures

According to statistics from RealtyTrac, the outfit that keeps the stats nationally, the rate of foreclosure activity is tailing off. Their mid-October report shows how a precipitous drop in September helped bring the foreclosure number to the lowest level since the fourth quarter of 2007. In other words, for Berkshire homeowners who watched their nominal […]

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