Thanksgiving Kitchen Focuses Holiday Get-Together

Things I am thankful for this year: health, of course — for friends, family, myself — and for the many things we all take for granted until something as devastating as Hurricane Sandy comes along to remind us of our good fortune.

And especially on Thanksgiving, I’m grateful for…my kitchen! Kitchens have become the center of activity in today’s home, whether during a casual weeknight family meal or a grand Thanksgiving feast for twelve. More and more of our Berkshire real estate listings reflect just that: focused interest on the kitchen. Here are some relevant details that can draw interest to real estate listings in Pittsfield:

Floorplan – Is the kitchen open? Walled-off? Great yard view? Photos should be selected to highlight attractive layouts for effective real estate listings.

Appliances – New? Desired brand names? It’s amazing how prominent those concerns have become as interest in kitchens has been reflected in the real estate listings.

Finish – Have safety touches been added to the kitchen? Childproofed kitchen is a two-word real estate listings highlight worth featuring in any family-friendly neighborhood. One of the easiest updates is the addition of new hardware — which can also make it harder for little hands to pull open cabinets while the adults are busy baking the world’s best pumpkin pie!

All kidding aside, I am thankful for all that we have here in Pittsfield. This Thanksgiving, Sandy has reminded us of all those who will be spending this holiday without a familiar place to come home to. If you would like to help Hurricane Sandy’s victims, a Red Cross page has been created to make donating easy:

Here’s to a safe and happy Berkshire Thanksgiving!