Seasonal Mood Elevators Brighten Berkshire Spirits

As fall becomes early winter, the crisp air, festive celebrations and holiday spirit do their job of gladdening Pittsfield hearts. However, after the eggnog bowl disappears — once January rolls around and the holiday decorations go into cartons — it’s common to feel varying degrees of the ‘winter blues.’
Actually, the experts call that Seasonal Affective Disorder, but since the acronym is ‘SAD,’ I prefer ‘winter blues.’ For anybody who’s been feeling a little down, particularly if you have a Pittsfield property that’s been on the market without attracting much activity, this is a good time to take a moment to bring back some cheer to your property!
The quickest spirit-elevator is to simply lay out colorful pillows, throws, or little details like punchy candles or tablecloths. Then roll up the shades during the day to let in more light – and not only when your property is scheduled for a showing (drive-by prospects are put off by a shuttered-looking house).
Feeling trapped indoors? Consider using that extra indoor time to de-clutter your property — just a little freshening up really does lift spirits. If these short daylight hours are getting you down, see if switching one or two lamps over to “full spectrum” light bulbs has an effect. They mimic natural light; for some people, they affect mood in the same way that natural sunlight does. You can also experiment with a sunlamp specifically designed to help those with more pronounced seasonal sensitivity.
Finally, if the winter blues threaten (and a Caribbean vacation is out of the question), why not simply embrace the season? Bundle up, get outside, and connect with nature, especially on those glorious windless Pittsfield days when the sun is shining.
But what to do when it’s cold, dark, and damp? I know that days like that remind me to be grateful for clothes that keep me warm, a warm bed to sleep in, and a safe property to house the family. They also make me really appreciate the warm ones!
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