Berkshire Remodel Projects Take Solid Interviewing

Right Answers for Avoiding Wrong Contractors

Lately, as national home values have continued to rise, area homeowners have had reason to feel a lot more comfortable with the part of their portfolio that Berkshire home values represent. You didn’t have to be thinking of buying or selling to welcome the turnaround.

Of course, homeowners don’t need to feel like helpless prisoners of overall trends when it comes to their own home values. Home improvement projects can significantly raise those values. Yet the opposite is possible — although it rarely happens, in the worst cases, projects gone wrong can actually damage underlying home values!

Here are some important areas to bear in mind when you are evaluating potential contractors. If you make them a part of your interviewing process, the candidates will know you have your eye on the bottom line:

  • Ask how long the contractor has been in business, and verify the answer.
  • Ask what accreditations he or she has, and what insurance policies are in force.  This can be important to prevent your being responsible for worker’s compensation costs.
  • Find out who is actually going to be at your house managing the project.  If the person you are speaking with is not the one, arrange a follow-up interview with that person, too.
  • Discuss how many other projects are going on during your project’s timeline. If you sense a less than solid answer about how the manpower needed for yours will be available, take note!
  • Experienced remodelers will be candid in telling you it is possible to spend more than the initial estimate.  One good closing question is to ask how many of the last ten projects have actually come in on or under the initial budget.

Due diligence in finding the right contractor can pay off when it comes to building Berkshire home values. If you would like professional industry feedback on potential improvements to your property, contact us anytime for a complimentary confidential evaluation.