Berkshire Virtual Tours Captivate Today’s Home Buyers

Last month, 181 million people watched more than 39 billion online videos, according to industry scorekeeper comScore. The skyrocketing popularity of YouTube, Vimeo and their competitors has been increasing ever since our home computers started becoming agile enough to turn those original jerky, often-freezing “pretend” movies into today’s TV-quality (or better!) online videos.

No wonder, then, that for homeowners in Pittsfield, virtual tours have become such a powerful marketing tool. Videos take time to watch, and search engines reward web destinations when they hold prospects’ attention. That’s why presenting a virtual tour can markedly increase a property’s online visibility.

There’s more:

Virtual tours convince a wider audience. Out-of-towners give more credibility to listings that are backed up by virtual tours. When people who are relocating come to Pittsfield for home viewings, their time is short. Virtual tours help determine in advance if a home is worth viewing.

Virtual tours even give us a chance to control the weather! If conditions don’t cooperate during an in-the-flesh visit, a terrific property will suffer – something more likely to happen as we head into the winter months.  Creating a Berkshire virtual tour on a gloriously sunny day can help solve that one.

The more interested a buyer, the more questions they will have: yet they can’t repeat home visits every time they think of a new question (or struggle to remember features they hurried past). Potential buyers love the opportunity to re-visit at will. A virtual tour is a superb way to present a home over and over – and always in its best light.

We make it a point to put together competitive, compelling marketing plans created to capture today’s buyer.  If you would like to see all that includes, do contact us to schedule an in-home evaluation — We’d love to show what I can do for you this holiday season!